Commercial property is 100 percent different than private use property and sometimes a build-to-suit (BTS) option is the best way to go for business. Build-to-suit properties offer distinct advantages that can help increase profit margins when you partner with a professional who understands your goals and dedicates themselves to helping you reach them. The build-to-suit process is an incredible collaboration between many parties who play a vital role in the finished project. While it is an intense journey, it’s important to understand the major advantages of building a commercial property to suit your specific business before taking the plunge.

Advantages of a Commercial Build-to-suit Property

Capital Advantages

As the name suggests, a build-to-suit commercial property is designed and constructed to meet your specific needs as a business. You’ll get to offer input into the design of the building to make the most efficient use of space, which impacts your profit margin. Since you get to research and choose your ideal location, foot traffic isn’t an issue either so you should have plenty of business. Build-to-suit properties typically have lower operating costs because they are constructed using the latest technology and energy efficient materials. Lower overhead equals higher revenue. This saves some capital that you can re-invest into operations for long-term growth or a smooth opening. You can also incorporate extra space to can be rented to other businesses or used for future growth. If you happen to be working with a developer, the rent is deductible over the full term of the lease you put in place.

Physical Advantages

One major plus for build-to-suit arrangements is that you can incorporate your brand into the building. You get to select colors and finish materials that reflect who you are as a company while ensuring the design is meets market standards. Build-to-suit properties are typically erected in growing areas that are bustling with activity. This means better roads, convenient access, and plenty of business. Plus, you know everything is up to code. There are no hidden surprises or costly issues that must be corrected. You can rest easy knowing that your business will comply with all state and local ordinances. One of the best parts is that you can plan for growth and expansion with your design, but you should have clearly defined long-term goals going into the process.

If you’re considering a build-to-suit property in San Antonio, the professionals at Dillingham & Toone Real Estate can help you through the process. We understand how confusing it can be and how important it is to find the perfect space for your growing business. We know the San Antonio area well and understand the local market fluctuations. Our goal is to simplify the process while helping you reach your immediate and long-term goals. Build-to-suit commercial properties can be a wonderful investment for your business, so partner with the experienced professionals at Dillingham & Toone Real Estate.