In addition to all of our neat new tools on the website, we offer off-market listings that our buyers can peruse as they look at real estate in the San Antonio area.


Why do people like this option? Here are some of the benefits of utilizing an off-market listing and notes about why this benefits many of our buyers. We are used to working through this process with first-timers or others who have already been around the block, to get the best results in this local market.


Rare Opportunities


Essentially, the MLS doesn’t give you all of the opportunities you have on the local market.


Off-market listings tend to be classy properties with their unique appeal. But you wouldn’t know about them unless you look for off-market listing information from a trusted broker. That’s where we come in, offering these listings only to those who use us for their real estate search.


Less Competition


Trying to create the best offer and working with expedited inspections and due diligence can be harrowing. Instead, you can enjoy less competition in an off-market listing approach where there aren’t a whole lot of buyers clamoring for attention. This really works to the advantage of some of our customers, and it’s part of the philosophy of seeking out these alternative property offers to supplement your San Antonio search.


Private Sales


Here’s another great aspect of an off-market listing approach:


Most market listings are tracked by sites like Zillow and other parties. There’s public information that goes into government computers, and ends up on the Internet. By contrast, off-market listings can be much more private, which is good for some of our buyers. The sale is still recorded – there’s still a transfer of a deed and all of that, but in some ways, the off-market listing gets less publicized than it otherwise would on a public market. So that can be another plus in this type of process, even if there’s still the same general paper trail and legitimate sale pipeline.


A Direct Approach


The conventional market process sets up a lot of extra work for some of the deal stakeholders!


An off-market listing is a more direct approach, where sellers talk more directly to buyers and the process feels different than a conventional real estate deal. Again, it can make a lot of sense, especially for unique high-end properties.


That’s a little bit about the off-market listings that we maintain, but you can also check out all kinds of other services on our website. Take a look at the MLS search and free evaluation tools, and our buyer and seller guides – you can also look at rentals and other opportunities, or invest in real estate through our investment service.


Get the tools you need to pursue your local real estate dream!