Building a home may be your dream. Turning the dream into a reality can be challenging. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, there are many items that need to be checked and executed for it to become the home of your dreams.

Plans and permits

You may need to hire an architect or a licensed designer to draw up the plans. This plan will cover all that you wish to have in your home. These plans have to be approved with a seal from a licensed engineer. The permits include zoning, grading, septic systems, electricity and plumbing, and home construction.

Site preparation and foundation

Clearing and leveling the land would have to come first. A wooden template for the foundation may be needed before digging up the trenches and holes. Wells must be dug, if required. At this stage, plumbing drains and electricity chases must also be covered before the concrete is poured. Installing drains, sewers, traps, and all plumbing is addressed, and waterproofing is added to the foundation walls. At this time, an inspection is conducted to verify code compliance.

Rough framing

The skeleton of the house gets completed at this stage. It includes floor systems, walls, roof systems, and sheathing to the exterior walls.

Finished plumbing and electrical HVAC

At this stage, the installation of wires, pipes, swerve lines, vents, water supply lines, bath units, ductwork for HVAC, and HVAC vent pipes are completed. City inspectors inspect and give their stamp of approval upon compliance with building codes.

Insulation installation

Insulation is the key to building a comfortable indoor climate while keeping the home energy-efficient.

Complete drywall and interiors/ exteriors

Drywall is hung, taped, and textured. Contractors are ready at this stage to start on the exterior. Exterior walkways and driveway are also completed at this stage.

Hard surface flooring, countertops, mechanical trims, and bathroom fixtures

While carrying out these touches to your home, proper drainage will be ensured, HVAC equipment will be installed and checked, and all sinks, toilets, faucets, are installed.

Floor finish and exterior landscaping

The other interior items include mirrors, doors, floor finish. The exterior landscape is completed at this stage. The building-code officials will carry out a final inspection before you receive a certificate of occupancy.

While the listed stages of the building may not be exhaustive, it covers the essential steps before you can move into your new home. One of the most important steps a prospective homeowner must consider is finding the right builder who will execute their dream with a qualified and experienced crew.