How to Get a Custom Home Built in San Antonio, TX

Moving to a new part of the country can be tricky when none of the houses in the area have what you want for your family. Instead of finding a home where your family can move into quietly, you’re stuck with a situation where your family is forcing itself to fit into a living space that’s too small, too old, missing modern features, and other potential problems.

While some real estate services would recommend you keep looking until you find a house that’s good enough, there is a more comfortable option. At Dillingham & Toone Real Estate, we recognize these cases as the time for someone to planning a custom home be built in the area. Having a custom-built home has benefits for the house owner.

When you have a custom home built, you have far more control over the individual elements of the house. For example, buyers can choose more eco-friendly materials when manufacturing their house. This makes the home better suited for the changes in the environment that San Antonio experiences throughout the year.

To get started with a custom home, buyers need to look for local contractors that can handle designing and building a custom structure. At Dillingham and Toone, our agents will help you determine the best builder to fit your family’s needs, as well as help you decipher the builder’s contracts.  When it comes to contracts, we always recommend having an attorney review the contracts. Building contracts can be complicated, and our agents are not allowed to give legal advice or change the conditions of a contract.

Having a custom home built requires the buyer to search for a spot with ample land to cover the construction. This is another place where our agents can help. Our agents will communicate with the builder to ensure the property that is purchased, if needed, will accommodate the floor plans you’ve selected. Some builders will have lots available to buy with the new build, and others will build on the property you choose.  We will also help coordinate financing if needed.

While the home is being constructed, there are many decisions about the style and color that need to be considered. Deciding on what tile to choose, colors of countertops, paint, lighting, and all the other details can be exhausting, but your Dillingham & Toone agent can be an extra set of eyes for you. Their guidance will ensure you have all the choices made and that your options create a solidify your design choices.

During the construction of the home, there will be multiple chances took over the building process at various stages. Since many custom homeowners don’t know what to check for during this process, your Dillingham & Toone agent can help during the different steps to ensure the construction is on time and that the builder is meeting your needs.

Dillingham & Toone is here to help eliminate some of the stress of building a custom home.  We are knowledgeable in the custom build process and will communicate with the builder on your behalf.

If you’re interested in getting a custom home built in San Antonio, contact us for more information today at 210-504-4800 or send us a message online using the form on our custom home page.