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Investing in Real Estate has been a popular choice for entrepreneurs and successful capital growth individuals seeking high profits/returns for many years. It can be a very lucrative option to invest in Real Estate based on the physicality of the asset and the historically stable markets. San Antonio and Texas are no different. In fact, over the years San Antonio Real Estate has been appreciating consistently. With roots in Military, Health Care, and Education industries, San Antonio is consistently expanding and growing in the residential and commercial sectors. With this expansion, housing becomes a major necessity. The Dillingham and Toone team of Realtors has been proud to serve it’s investor clients for many years and has personal experience with their own investment projects.

We are happy to work with individuals who are wanting to “flip,” rent, or finance properties and help maximize profits. In addition, we feel it’s our fiduciary responsibility to help our investor clients navigate the volatility of the market, and strengthen our clients positions in Real Estate so that they can achieve a high return. We are realistic in our approach, and will not “sell” you fairy dust and dreams! Rather, we take a methodical approach, analyze the numbers, and put a plan into action.

We are proud to offer various different strategies from wholesale purchases, foreclosures, to short sales. The focus is satisfaction by way of efficiency and profit. Our network and programs are some of the best in the industry and we continue to improve them with feedback and market analysis.

Let us help you realize the potential you have in profiting from Real Estate.

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