You can talk all day about the nuts and bolts of working toward arriving at the settlement table, but at the end of the day, a lot of the challenge and the opportunity is about communication.

These local markets are hot markets. Things are changing quickly. For instance, just take a look at recent news about interest rate changes.

First time homebuyers and repeat customers are feeling the pressure. There is a need to inform yourself about the process and where the market is right now, and get up to speed on how current events are impacting the housing market.

A Good Partner

In that context, we strive to be the company that people want to go to and work with in order to be informed and empowered to deal with these local markets.

That’s the job, in a way, and it’s the goal and objectives that everyone has. To put it another way, all of these stakeholders are in some senses “in it together.” When a buyer and seller can come to negotiation on a price, then they usually both want the deal to go through.

The challenge, again, is in the communications: when people have to play whisper down the lane in any kind of real estate transaction, details can get confused. Maybe one of the agents has an assistant, and those two people have different sets of information. Maybe the agent did something that the assistant doesn’t know about, or vice versa. Maybe the agent is having trouble reaching their client, but the other agent doesn’t know about that…

The list of these types of ship in the night situations is practically endless.

Solving Real Estate Deal Obstacles

So how do you deal with the combination of hot markets and communication challenges?

One principal is to be proactive in looking out for your clients’ best interests. Sounds simple, right?

That means being persistent, not just sitting back and waiting for things to unfold. If there is a deal on the table, time is money and as mentioned, that’s true for everyone. It’s not that you have to be aggressive with some other agent or office. It’s just that things tend to fall through the cracks, and as some would say, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ In a sea of signaling, separating the signal from the noise means being proactive about carrying that signal to its intended destination.

At Dillingham and Toone, we will work for you on a Texas real estate deal. Let’s get connected and get on the road to meeting your objectives.