One of our best features on the site is our dream home finder which allows people to look for a specific property as a first-time primary residence or as a trade-up property.

How does this work?

In some ways, it’s simple. You enter the criteria and perform a search, just like you would with Google or any search engine.

But there are a couple of tips that will help you to use the dream home finder effectively.

That’s worth going into now, as we continue to build out new functionality for the site and serve our customers in these local markets.

Dream Home Finder: The Criteria

One tip is to enter realistic criteria for a search in any of these local neighborhoods.

In most of our coverage areas, you’re not going to find a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house for $500,000.

So be sure to enter a reasonable price range and you’ll see the dream properties pop up for your perusal.

What You Can See

You can also use the attached short description to see key aspects of the properties you’re choosing from, such as the school district and the price per square foot. You can also see the year built if you have a preference for homes from a certain era. Being able to look at core data quickly is one of the values of using this dashboard for your property search.

Additional Tools

As you go, you can make use of certain menu tools to take the next step in your dream home search.

For one thing, you can access a mortgage calculator that will help you show what your payments are going to look like. Mortgage payments have to deal with the escrow equation, including costs for property taxes and home insurance. Calculating this will show you what you need to pay each month to own this property.

You can also use a command to print a flier and have the information available to you when you’re offline.

Or you can contact the real estate agent for more information or get started in presenting an offer.

All of this helps people to use our systems to find homes in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area. Take a look at the list of neighborhoods that we cover and ask us about our process.

You can also get a specialized pedestrian and biking score that shows walkability on alternative transportation access for your chosen property. So be sure to check that, too! More to come…